Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)


 offer made





 Sri Lanka

 Independent – non-selective

I’ve been to in a comprehensive school, home school and ended up at a independent school for A Levels.

 yes (6 A,2 B)


(A at AS)

(A at AS)

(A at AS)

(A at AS)

French and some outside courses in interanational relations.

Details about the offer


A in Economics, A in History, A in Mathematics




LSE political philosophy rejected, Warwick ditto. Screwed up the SAT so didn’t bother to apply to the Ivy League.

 grades pending/unknown

Decisions about the application

Best for PPE. Loved the tutorial system and the maturity expected. Secondly, interantional reputation.

SPS doesn’t compare with PPE

Long story, in brief I liked it a lot.

Academically sound, the best for PPE
International outlook and population
Left leaning, centrist rather.
Student activism.
Great college culture; informal, “What I don’t know isn’t knowledge” sort of thing, which adds fun.



Interview prep by principal, economics tutor. Also met important economists and political scientists eg directors of think tanks and professors. Also, met a former interviewer for the Rhodes. Most importantly, had a mock interview with a former interviewer at my college.

Talk debate discuss, and for the PPE test go and read the recommended reading and do the logic puzzles.



Thinking Skills Assesment



One was bad, the other good.

2 tutors each.

Asked about I book I had read and something I wrote on my ps. Politics, my interests based. Second one was about the economic crises.

Sweater and formal pants. At Balliol only person wore a jacket and many wore jeans. I thought it would be safer.


I liked Balliol the most. Hanging around St. Benet’s I quite liked the small, secure atmosphere.

Sharing toilets. No Wifi.

Yes, and good.

Brilliant. One talked to us outside interview with a bottle of bear in hand.


Final stage

Terrrible. Terrible. Terrible.

Ran around like an idiot.

Looking back

yes, definitely

Apply for something that you are really interested in. Prepare carefully for the TSA.If doing PPE do A2 math. Don’t do rubbish A Levels. History is a good choice. Get as much preinterview discussion as possible. Be different and interesting, especially at tough colleges.