Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)


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 Independent – selective


Other qualifications

Austria Matura

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Decisions about the application

I have a friend at Cambridge and my sister went to LSE, so I really wanted to give it a shot, and it’s not only about the reputation, it’s more about being taught by world-experts in you field of study.

Cambridge doesn’t have PPE, also, Oxford, somehow strangely, was always more attractive to me than Cambridge.

It gives a really broad knowledge about social events and development. The three subjects are furthermore closely linked throughout history, so it’s definitely interesting to study them as a joint school.

Originally applied to Balliol, but got pooled to Pembroke before interviews, in the end I ended up fallimg in love with Pembroke on the interviews.



Because my school doesn’t know UCAS at all, I had to organize it by myself, and also no help was given during the preperation.

If you’re applying from a country, where your school gives you little help with you application, try to read as much around the application as possible, in the internet, ask friend in the UK etc…



TSA Oxford



Academically very demanding, but in such a relaxed atmosphere, that nobody should worry too much. Also, there REALLY is no right or wrong answer.

One should not put too much pressure on him- or herself prior to the interview, that only harms the process. Try to stay as relaxed as possible, think freely, and say your thoughts out loud. Never think “That’s just a stupid comment, I won’t say it..” but just say it, the way you think might be just fine.

Shirt, no tie, trousers and smart shoes. Smart-casual seemed just right for me.


Although Balliol has this high reputation and is an older college as well, smaller colleges like Pembroke have great communities, very caring Tutors and are just as well, if not better, than the more famous ones.

Had an en-suite room during interviews, quite large, and very comfortable.

I found it very satisfactory, and the hall where the food is served is beautiful as well.

Very welcoming, friendly and helpful.

Also, very helpful, trying to put us as ease, which helped a lot of the applicants.

Final stage

Trying to not think about it too much, the decision was probably already made, so there’s nothing one can do. I also travelled during that time.

I was pretty much over the moon, happy I got in.

Looking back

Yes, the interview experience is also something I would have a great memory of, if I had not got in.

Try to focus on your application alone, and not on other applicants. Don’t be afraid of shooting high in terms of college choice, they have a good pooling system. Read around your subjects and just be eager and curious to learn more.