St Catherine’s

 Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)








 Grammar School

Selective state school/grammar school

 yes (2 A,6 B,2 C)


(A at AS; predicted A; gained NA at A2)

(A at AS; predicted A; gained NA at A2)

(A at AS; predicted A; gained NA at A2)

Other universities


Decisions about the application

I like the people and the place. It had a good reputation but it was primarily because my teacher encouraged me.

Oxford does PPE cambridge does an inferior sps with sociology which sounds very boring. Oxford is a bigger city and generally like it more.

Modern, Clean, nice people, good location. People were not pompous sods.



Had a breif chat with myy politics teacher about possible questions. None of which featured significantly.

No not really. Be honest.




My coursework and Marxism and Religion and wether or not they were compatible. It was my best bit of work in year 12. Regular essay on US role as sole remaining superpower. Teacher said it was good.


Yes. You cant really prepare for this.

2 Interviews. 1 was econ and pol the other pol on philosophy.

Cold War questions, democracy, human rights, do we have free will, morality questions. Game theory.

Suit. Better to be safe than sorry.


Really nice place. Some call it a concrete block. I like it anyway it the people who make the place not the buildings.

Ok for students a bit bare, freezing cold.


Nice, constant smiling.

Really nice people. Helpful and funny.

Final stage

Disappointed. Thought i did ok at interview. I think my GCSE’s were the main reason for me being rejected.

Looking back

I dont think I would reapply, i had a nagging feeling that i wasnt good enough and well I was proved right.

READ! Read some philosophy introductory books such as Thomas Nagel’s what does it all mean. If you have no done politics then read the papers. I hadn’t done economics but they asked me some question about interest rates. I had done some reading and faired ok i thought. Guess not considering I was rejected.

GAME THEORY! GAME THEORY! GAME THEORY! Learn Game theory. Well u cant learn it it is strategic thnking. Loads of it on the net. Game theory games and stuff. I would say enjoy yourself while your there dont stay in you room and revise!!!!!!!