St Hugh’s (open application, allocated college)

 Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)


 offer made


 Other qualifications




 Comprehensive School


Other qualifications

Abitur – LKs English, German
PPE relevant stuff: Politics, some Philosophy, Maths, History

Details about the offer


1.4 overall for German Abitur
at least 12 points each in English, Maths, Politics – not sure whether that was for year 13 grades or actual exams, which I didn’t even take in Maths



 offer met

Decisions about the application

I wanted to do PPE…

I wanted to do PPE…

Just felt that the combination was amazing. Mainly for Politics and Philosophy though.

I didn’t really have the time or even any criteria according to which to pick a college. And I didn’t really care in the end.





PPE entrance examination in Berlin – my tutor said during our first term that they actually do care about that a lot…


I submitted my Besondere Lernleistung – 30-page extended essay written as part of Berlin Abitur – my politics tutor spent my entire interview talking to me about that, even though it was on British Colonial Architecture as Propaganda… And a normal essay done for Politics, about lack of democratic legitimacy of EU institutions.


Economics: maths questions, some on topics we hadn’t covered yet – not great
Politics: really good discussion, based on submitted work and a quote
Philosophy: quite good, just went through some logic

None of my tutors asked me why I wanted to do PPE. It was mainly maths for economics, and my tutor attempting to understand my German marks. Politics very specific to my submitted essay. Philosophy just statements and their logical implications, identifying flaws in arguments etc.

just smart casual, but even that wouldn’t have been necessary


St Hugh’s is incredibly friendly.

Shared bathrooms for first years. Rooms are all of a decent size, it varies depending where in college you end up.

Okay, hall food I guess… But there are big kitchens, so you could always cook for yourself.

Really really welcoming and friendly.

Final stage

I was absolutely sure I hadn’t gotten in – my economics interview felt like it had gone really badly and everyone at interviews seemed incredibly smart. So I was quite resigned.

The letter came as a bit of a shock. Good though ; )

Looking back

Yes, definitely.

Just don’t worry too much – tutors don’t seem to care so much about what you know, but what they think they could teach you. So if you’re really interested in your subject, read around it a bit and then just see what happens. And really enjoy interviews, I met some people I’m still in touch with even though they didn’t get in.