Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)


 pooled, offer made (Jesus)


 International Baccalaureate




 Independent – selective


International Baccalaureate

( predicted 4; gained 6)

( predicted 6; gained 7)

( predicted 4; gained 5)

( predicted 6; gained 7)

( predicted 5; gained 7)

( predicted 7; gained 7)

( predicted 0; gained 0)

Details about the offer



I got pooled to Jesus, but then got my original offer from Brasenose.


 offer met

Decisions about the application

If you want a good job, Oxbridge signals utmost capability. This was the central reason for my application: the institutions reputation.

Cambridge does not offer PPE, therefore Oxford was the one.

Pure interest and again, the most prestigious course available at the university.

Brasenose is central, fantastic reputation for PPE, great tutors, not too small, not too large.



Informative sessions telling us about Oxford vs Cambridge

Go through practice interviews. Many of them. Not only to prepare answers to typical questions, but also to teach you to reply on the spot. They also help you be less nervous when the real thing comes. Read books about your prospective subject and mention them in your PS. But then be sure you are able to talk intelligently about them. Come dressed normally, no suits.





Two essays marked by my school teacher.


Yes one exam per subject. Make sure you look at the past exam papers on Oxford’s admission website.

Very nice. Tacitly they wanted answers to the three central questions:
(a) Why Oxford?
(b) Why PPE?
(c) Why should we take you?

Unemployment economics, some maths, some logic. Some about German politics. Nothing too brutal.

What causes unemployment?
Some maths questions,
What do you think of the current political parties in Germany?
Do you think the grand coalition in Germany will last?
Why? Why not?
When was the previous grand coalition?
Why did it fail?
And then some questions on Descartes’ Meditations.

Jeans, a shirt and a jumper. It felt very appropriate. Do not be fooled into wearing a tie and don’t play the British eccentric.


Brasenose is one of Oxford’s top colleges; socially and academically. Jesus is nothing but mediocre in both those disciplines.

Beautiful. The only problem with Brasenose rooms is that they have no kitchen access.

Breakfast was good, lunch ok, dinner appalling.

Politics: amazing
Economics: amazing
Philosophy: good

Cool, very open and approachable. By far one of the most social people in the university.

Final stage


I sat there motionless of at least 10 seconds, then I jumped up and down like a little baby!

Looking back

No doubt.

Prepare well, do your homework. And do not be scared.