St Catherine’s



 offer made






 FE College

 yes (4 A*,2 A,2 B,1 C)


(NA at AS; predicted A; gained NA at A2)

(NA at AS; predicted A; gained NA at A2)

(NA at AS; predicted A; gained NA at A2)

(NA at AS; predicted A; gained NA at A2)

Details about the offer


A in Mathematics, A in Physics

A, excluding GS.


Oxford first, then Durham (Collingwood)


 grades pending/unknown

Decisions about the application

Always wanted to go to one of the top universisties in the country/World

I’d have to do Natural Siences at Cambidge and i don’t like Biology.

Its modern and has a relaxed atmosphere



I had some extra maths lessons in calculus (one hour a week) but i wasn’t asked any calculus questions so it didn’t make any difference. I also met with my Principal who’s got a PhD in Physics although it wasn’t a greatr help.

The Forms: Don’t lie.

The interview(s): Don’t worry too much about memorising equations, their not bothered about that. But make sure that you know about the principals behind the things your doing in your course.





I had a maths paper, i did some revsion the night before but non of it helped. They take into account the level of Maths that you’ve done and the course that your doing. Don’t worry about stupid mistakes, i made a few and the let me off.

I had two interviews at St Catherines, and the one at Exeter. All three were relaxed and with two tutors. They asked some questions, most about motion of balls and planes. All the tutors were very friendly and gave me a lot of help.

I was asked mostly about motion. One question was about motion of a plane circling the airport and calculating it’s period. Another was about the parabolic motion of a ball and the energies involved (Kinetic, Thermal etc.) there was a lot of rearranging of equation in that and was quite interesting. Then i was asked about falling balls when one is above the other.

I wore a shirt and tie and black trousers mainly because i thought it was expected of me but most people just wore smart-casual.


Very relaxed and layed back (not like most of them i think). All the staff and students, applying and already there, were very friendly. Not as impresive looking as some of the other colleges but the atmosphere is the best i’ve seen. There were a lot of state school applicants there.

Rooms were big. They were built in the sixties and i’m pretty sure that all the original furniture is still in there. the bed was comfy but quite low off the floor, it didn’t cause any problems though. They all had internet and phone connectiond and mine had a sink.


Very friendly.

Seemed nice, didn’t see much of them.

Final stage

I’d been offered a place at St Catherines which meant moving me to exeter was pointless. I was nervous opening the letter because it was really thin.

Looking back

Definatly, even if i hadn’t of got in, it was an experience that i really enjoyed.

Don’t worry too much about the interview, just relax and be yourself.