St Edmund Hall

 Physics and Philosophy








 Grammar School

 yes (8 A*,2 A)


(NA at AS; predicted A; gained NA at A2)

(NA at AS; predicted A; gained NA at A2)

(NA at AS; predicted A; gained NA at A2)

(NA at AS; predicted A; gained NA at A2)

Other universities



Definitely Imperial 🙂

Decisions about the application

The course… then the name of course 😉

The course there was unmatched by any other university… it was exactly what i wanted to do.

It was in a nice location, small, comfortable, and didn’t have many applicants for my course.



They tried but I didn’t really believe in preparing… all I took was a mock interview which was nothing like the real thing.

The Form: Fill them in how you would any other form.

The Interview: You can’t prepare… nothing in the world would have prepared me for my interview… as long as you have a passion for your subject and you’ve read widely around your subject you’ll be ok. Just for security’s sake, make sure you’ve read your personal statement carefully before you go.




Two philosophical essays… as i hadn’t done any philosophy in school I made up my own titles to show I could argue. One essay was on the use of induction in science and whether it can be proved correct, the other was on arranged marriage.


One maths test… did a specimen before hand which I found from their website.

I had 4 interviews and a maths test in the same day… we had nannies to take care of us and show us around and things like that it was all pretty relaxed. I jus hung out in the common room and then it would be like oh I have an interview I better go! Then next day I had an interview at another college. They made me stay until the third day even tho I had no interviews.

I had 2 physics… asked things like wite light interference, olympic games on the moon… and had 2 derive an equation relating pressure and depth. Had one maths… differentiation from first principles and graph sketching. One philosophy… asked me a 2000 year old paradox which noone has ever solved and kept asking me for a solution and didn’t tell me until the end that there is no solution… the problem was you have a heap of sand of say 100000000000 grains, and u take away one grain and it’s clearly still a heap. Now 4/5 grains would not be a help obviously, yet if you follow the argument through they would be a heap… so yus it was quite mind boggling…

Just casual clothes… trousers and a top… I felt comfortable in them and myself… and when I went to the interviews the interviewers wouldn’t have cared whether I was dressed up or not, as long as you don’t wear anything too revealing or too scruffy you’ll be ok.


It was nice… everyone was really friendly I didn’t meet anyone stuck up at all and had a brilliant time.

Big rooms, shared bathrooms (nooooooo!), small kitchen, VERY small… lots of stairs and no lifts

Edible but not great

hmmmmmmmm :S

Very friendly and helpful… I would have definitely enjoyed being taught by them.

hehehehe definitely didn’t comform at all to the Oxford stereotype… and they were very helpful!!

Final stage

I didn’t open it at firs I didn’t know how I’d feel… then I opened it, read thank you for attending your recent interview… then opened out the letter and read I didn’t get in… I was a bit shocked hehe not used 2 failing 😛 then I gave it to my parents because they didn’t believe me either… but I wasn’t sad, I’d prayed that whatever happens would happen for the best and I’d probably be happier in Imperial anyways…

Looking back

Yes… it was a brilliant experience and I met a lot of cool people… I also learned how smart I actually am and was surprised at the questions I was answering! and everyone needs a taste of failure ever now and then…

Apply… you will get valuable experience if nothing else.. good luck! 🙂