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 United Kingdom

 Comprehensive School



(A at AS)

(A at AS)

(A at AS)

Details about the offer




 offer met

Decisions about the application

i knew it was the best.ididn’t apply pre a level as my school didn’t really support oxbridge.i was working towards a low offer at another uni so i was really surprised at my results and asked my schhool if i could apply.

my school suggested oxford i had visited it i knew nothing about cambridge.i did feel that from what i could tell the oxford course was the better one in those days

i was applying to read english in london but over the summer met someone preparing for oxbridge theology and thought i could do this. i clearly had a chip on my shoulder about it and had avoided it pre a level probably fearing rejection

school suggested it but they didn’t have a resident theology fellow so iwas informed i would be taught at st. john’s if successful



a retired teacher volunteered to see me every week for a chat about relevant topics.this was brilliant

try to be as well informed as possible






i was very nervous and overawed by the whole experience.the interviewers were only interested in academic matters

what do you think of miracles`? can you will yourself to livedie? i felt they really wanted to develop this using topical news events i wouldn’t commit myself without medical facts etc .lots of questions re. written work .i had said some quite controversial things in my essays and felt i wasn’t as interesting in the flesh.

a tweedy suit ,completely wrong.


it was so impressive so unlike my 2000+ comprehensive.

i stayed in a little house in a side street .


clever,one sensitve and warm, one scary ,my comments on miracles drew the response “you’d be lynched if you said that where you come from”


Final stage

secretly hopeful

it was life changing

Looking back


be clever ‘the cleverer you are the easier it is