Gonville and Caius

 Theology & Religious Studies


 offer made





 United Kingdom

 Independent – selective

 yes (5 A*,5 A)


(A at AS)

(NA at AS)

(NA at AS)

(NA at AS)

(NA at AS)

Details about the offer




 grades pending/unknown

Decisions about the application

Most interesting course, quality of teaching

More interesting and varied Theology course at Cambridge

Variety within the subject, it’s a wonderful degree

Family links







Fairly informal. First one terrifying. The interviewers didn’t seem to have done a lot of preparation!

I had three – two academic and one general – the first for caius was incredibly intimidating, with no formalities or friendliness, just brutal questioning!

Why is Abraham a good man?
Should there be women bishops?
What happened in your chemistry Alevel? (I got a C!)
Translate this. (an early french text)
Suggest some different interpretations of the Feeding of the 5000.

hoodie and cords – what I’d travelled down the day before in, and had forgotten to bring anything to change into.


Caius was terrifying, I was lost all the time, confused and nobody spoke to me except the porters! That said, I had a wonderful and incredibly happy three years there. So maybe it was a freak 24 hours.

First year Caius rooms mostly in Harvey Court, large, basic.

In Hall.

The Director of Studies at Caius is a nice, if rather intimidating man. He did not do a great deal to put me at ease during the interview, it must be said.

Saw very few.

Final stage

Forgot about it. Decided I’d go to KCL.

My headmistress rang me to congratulate me before I got the letter. It was a surprise after the trauma of the interview process – I assumed I’d been a total failure.

Looking back


Everyone is terrified, most people don’t have a clue what they’re doing. Don’t be deceived by the air of cool confidence a lot of people at interview seem to have. They probably won’t even get in.