1Can you imagine a world without laws? .
2why do you think grandparents feel the need to academically surpass their children and grandchildren? 
3how do we know if 1 + 1 = 2 if the concept of numbers was in fact 'invented' by humans? 
4what about fatalism? 
5if I could pass any piece of legislation through parliament, what would it be? - philosophy,
6Is it moral to hook up a psychopath (whose only pleasure is killing) to a reality-simulating machine so that he can believe he is in the real world and kill as much as he likes?
7If you were to form a government of philosophers what selection process would you use?
8Is the chair really there?
9Suppose that I had really painful gouty feet, and that he wanted to get out of the room. “Why shouldn’t I step on your gouty feet,if I’d have to go out of my way to avoid them?"
10Suppose I have a retreat in the country that no one knows about. Suppose I take you off there, and no one knows that I have done so. Why shouldn’t I make you my slave there?
11Problem of induction
12Question similar to that of the Zeno’s paradox
13Ethical questions to do with sacrificing one person to save a lot more
14Are you a democrat? 
15 Prisoner’s Dilemma questions
16 Utilitarianism
17Hume’s “Dialogues"
18Who is your hero
19What is the main point in Hamlet
20If all ravens are black, are all non-black things not ravens
21They asked me if I thought people were inherently selfish
22How do we know something exists, how do we know it continues to exist when we’re no longer sensing it
23Personal identity
24How the mind related to the body
25Skepticism and solipsism
26What is hunger 
27Is objectivity possible in ethics?
28What is fear
29How could we go about proving or disproving life after death’
30If you could meet a great philosopher from the past what would you ask them?
31What do you think of descartes i think therefore i am reasoning
32Can we prove we exist?
33Is it reasonable to say we may not have a soul, but are just our bodies
34What makes us different from a very intelligent robot
35What philosophy have you read?
36What part of asthetics interests you?
37Is an isolated minor chord ‘sad’?
38s moral objectivity real or feasible? 
39Different moral approaches
40Is moral objectivity possible?
41Is religion reconcilable with science?
42Logical positivism