1Why could you not time a pendulum for 10000 swings by watching it with a timer? answer: you would get bored  
2What forces act on you were you at the centre of the earth?  
3What angle should you aim when trying to shoot a monkey that will fall out the tree the moment you shoot  
4Does a cup of hot coffee cool quicker if milk is added before or after stirring?  
5Why does fire go upwards 
6Why can’t you light a candle in a spaceship
7What happens if I drop an ant?
8How many grains of sand are there in the world?
9Why can’t you light a candle in a spaceship?
10If you leave the fridge turned on in a thermally isolated room, what happens to the room?  
11See a book called The Chicken from Minsk which has lots of great problems of the sort you need to be comfortable with.
12Various questions about changing the speed of electrons and particle accelerators, e.g. why do particle accelerators have to be so large. How do they work? 
13Calculate (in algebraic terms) the change that will take place to the fringe pattern when a piece of glass is placed in front of one of the slits. Draw the new fringe pattern. 
14Derive an expression for the separation of fringes caused by Young's Double Slit apparatus. 
15The wall of death fairground ride: it's spinning in a horizontal circle. Then the floor that people are standing on falls away. Calculate how fast it has to spin before the floor can fall away without the people dropping out given that : coefficient of friction=m and radius of the thing=r. 
16Draw graph of weight versus time for the following: 1) man stands on scale very gently and then gets off again very gently; 2) man jumps onto scales and then jumps off again; 3) man stands on scale and lets his knees unlock so that he drops, then stops. For each of these describe the reasoning behind the graph. 
17Describe a heat engine. 
18Draw the graphs of y=1/x +x and y=7+3cos(2x+pi/2). 
19A ball bearing is flying through space (vacuum and no overall gravitational field). It heads towards a doughnut, through it's centre and out the other side. Draw graphs of 1) speed versus time and 2) acceleration versus time. .
22Exponentials/Pi/irrational number questions
22Quantum (light reflection and wavelength questions)
23Circles and circumference
24How cameras worked in physics terms
24Solar energy landing on an umbrella is enough to power a washing machine. What is the mass loss of the sun per second?
25What is the minimum length full length mirror, in terms of a person’s height? 
26Why can’t a person light a match in a sattelite in orbit? 
26Graph sketching
28Electric circuits
30Had to descibe what shapes certain 3D eqations would give. 
30If the moon moved from its oribit into an orbit closer to the sun, would it be travelling at a quicker tangential velocity? and why
32Series functions
32Lateral thinking about phase space.
33The workings of particle accelerators
34Ideal gas laws
34Derivation of formula for fringe seperation in a defraction grating
35Calculating the hight of a drop for a rollercoaster so that it can make it round a loop-the-loop
36Plane take offs
36Plot a graph of y=(sin x)/x 
37Plot a graph of d2y/dx^2=-y
38Distributions of dark matter within a galaxy
38Geostationary orbits
39Number of atoms in a grain of sand vs. number of grains of sand on a beach
40White light interference
40Olympic games on the moon
41Derive an equation relating pressure and depth
42Differentiation from first principles and graph sketching
42Kepler’s law
44Electric fields