1think of a question that you have prepared an answer to, ask yourself the question and show us how you would answer it in a logical fashion 
2a person with 50 k is rich. a person with n pounds is rich and a person with n-1 pounds is also rich. so a person with 1 pound is rich. I then had to falsify I   
3what do you think of gay couples adopting?  
4would you describe the following as 'traditional British values'? drinking tea, eating roast beef and hitting school children.  
5put a monetary value on this teapot! 
6of all nineteenth century politicians which was most like Tony Blair?  
7if there were three beautiful, naked women standing in front of you, which one would you pick? does this have any relevance to economics? 
8define 'cruelty'  
9is it possible for a society to exist in which everyone lies all the time? why?
10I'm having trouble with the meaning of three words: Lie, Deceive, Mislead. They seem to mean something a bit similar, but not exactly the same. Help me to sort them out from each other.
11When I was at school in the 1970s, there was talk of a pensions crisis that would one day hit. The talk persisted in the 1980s, and the 1990s – and then there was a pensions crisis, and little had been done politically to prepare us for it. Is there a fault with the British political system that means we can't sensibly address serious medium and long-term problems when they are identified?
12Convince me you are real and not just in my dreams? (Not in the biblical sense!)
13If a Martian drops money across the country, does inflation go up?
14How do you measure the success of a political voting system?
15Do animals think?
16What have you enjoyed most about your A Level Economics course?
17If there were three beautiful, naked women standing in front of you, which one would you pick? Does this have any relevance to economics?
18Are you cool? 
19Do you believe in free will? How far does it extend to - an oyster, for example?
20Would it be feasible to have an economy entirely based on the service sector?
21Why do we need government?
22Differentiate between power and authority.
23Is it a matter of fact or knowledge that time travels in only one direction?
24If you’re not in California, how do you know it exists?
25Put a monetary value on this teapot?
26Do you really consent to any government given that there is barely anywhere in the world to escape some government or other? .
27Is there essentially any difference between taxation and the state taking away one of your arms? .
28What causes unemployment?
29What do you think of the current political parties in Germany?
30Do you think the grand coalition in Germany will last? Why? Why not?
31When was the previous grand coalition? Why did it fail?
32Questions on Descartes’ Meditations.
33How should we cut hospital budgets?
34Pros and cons to federalism
35When civil liberties could be curtailed
36Economically efficient outcomes in terms of allocation of medicine
37A macro discussion about China and Russia
38Central planning versus the free-market
39The british constitution
40Restraints on parliament
41Whether we can know truth
42Whether “Do not do what is morally wrong” is a good law
43Mergers and takeovers
44Draw graphs on the spot, like y= 5x/2
45Moral dilemma/laws
46What happens to traffic on the M1 (or another big motorway) if two more lanes are added?
47Explain the Japanese banking system 
48What’s good about democracy?
49Distinguish between left and right wing politics
50Do we have unlimited wants?
51Can you measure the efficiency of a school? How? What are the problems of this method?
52Plato’s view of an ideal government 
53Discussed if there could be an ideal government and what role SHOULD government have in society.
54The morals behind sentence times for attempted murder
55Basic theory about inflation and exchange rates but based on current real life issues.
56Problems on fixed costs, game theory, and probability
57Whether it was right that the state had a legitimate monopoly on violence
58About the novel 1984 and if i could draw any links between the society depicted and today’s society 
59The validity of premises and their derived conclusions.
60Identifying ambiguities in sentences
61Questions about socialism and what is fair
62Financial crisis on Eastern Europe
63Discussing whether you can really be forced to do things.
64About coaltition governments
65Something about when a ‘pile’ can be said to be a ‘heap’ and whether there was a specific moment when one become the other.
66Is gardening art?
67Problem given about getting 100 people from A to D (various routes etc.)
68How would you draw a line of length root 2?
69How can the government limit the number of people taking a certain motorway shortcut?
70Given a problem about an imaginary parliament in which three parties all had equal votes: they must form an alliance, what is the most likely outcome
71What it means to be ‘democratic’
72What kinds of democracy can we have
73Is it rational to vote?
74If somebody is forced to do something, are they free to do that thing?
75 If I deconstruct someone, record their structure, and send that information elsewhere to reconstruct them, is it the same person? 
76Does the square root of 2 exist?
77If everything has a cause, is there something which is the cause of everything? 
79Equity and equality
80Deriving nationality
83Valuing nature and the intrinsic beauty of the environment
84Whether I could ever morally justify torturing the innocent.
85Climate change and the way to most successfully deal with it
86General affects of globalisation
87Time-travel. Is it a self-contradictory concept?
88Pairs of statements; situations in which one is true and the other isn’t
89Collective/public goods: when will they be supplied? Examples of some. Situations in which they *should* and should *not* be provided.
90A discussion on why Marx thought Capitalism was doomed
91Calculating the optimal effort level based on a graph of costs and benefits
92Working out the effect of fixed costs
93Discussing the relationship between inflation and interest rates and their effects on spending
94Margeret Thatcher
96Thought experiments
97What are the main epistemological theories, and how do they relate?
98What do you think neo-liberalism is?
99Are there circumstances where you can be telling untruths, but not lying? 
100If you were in a game where you had to guess two thirds of your competitors’ average, and you could choose between 0 and 100, what would you choose?
101What is the difference between lying and not telling the truth?
102Is the currrent financial crisis indicative of a faliure of capitalism.
103Cold War questions
104Do you think politicians should always be honest?
105Imagine a heap of sand. Take a grain away, and its still a heap. But carry on doing that, and you’re left with just one grain, which isn’t a heap. At what point does it stop being a heap?
106What is a state? 
107The future of Europe
108How I thought the EU would develop
109How worried US should be about China
110The UN charter and general faults with said organisation
111The fairest distribution of carrots on desert islands (Capitalism/communism/meritocracy etc.)
112Health Insurance