1if I put you in the British library for 3 days, what books would you read? 
2do you think that the TV programme space cadets is morally right? 
3why do the English like cricket so much?  
4where would you take a martian to show them British culture?  
5what would you do if you were in charge of the world?  
6what TV I had watched recently  
7show may we introduce feminism more effectively into business situations?  
8do you like Birmingham? 
9can you think of a piece of governmental legislation that includes both compassionate and utilitarian aspects?
10is it better to be a leader or a follower?
11Do you like Birmingham? 
12Should museums be free?
13Distinguish between a society, a state and an economy?
14Does the welfare state trap people into poverty?
15How would you describe an apple?
16What is Christmas?
17Should obese people have free NHS treatment?
18Instead of politicians, why don't we let the managers of IKEA run the country?
19Why does America want to go to war with Iraq?
20What does ‘Social Constuction’ mean?
21What sociological methods could you use to assess the problems of the rioting in France? 
22Define a Nation-state.
23Do you agree with the view that the Nation-state is in decline and why? 
24Why do you think Labour did so badly in General Election during the 1980s? 
25What is clause 4? 
26Is Singapore a nation state? 
27Is Scotland a nation state? 
28Will the EU diminish Britain’s status as a nation state in the future? 
29Will increasing internationalism decrease the importance of nation states? 
30Is control of the media important to the idea of the nation state? 
31What is the difference between a state and a nation state? 
32How does studying physics help with the various humanties studies subjects you are studying? 
33Why is the capitalism system exploitative
34What are Marx’s strongest and weakest points
35Are nation-states becoming weaker nowadays
36 In companies there is a glass ceiling, how would you encourage more women to be in power?
37Define Globalisation, good and bad points
38Define Democracy, how can it be said it doesn’t work?
39Tell me about different electoral systems and their democratic value 
40About whether we should invade countries with a record of human rights abuses
41Should pressure groups exist if they are unelected, and so on.
42 Define totalitarian regime
43What is the difference between globalisation and westernisation?
44Why is psychology classified as social sciences?
45How would you solve global warming
45International relations between Russia and the West
46Energy security
46The growth of China
47The current Bush administration, and their attitudes.
48Death of russian spy Alexander Litvinenko.