s, which was where I think I started to get into difficulty. The question confused me, as I intially had trouble distinguishing between the two concepts because a literary source can also be historical. Maire had to prompt me by suggesting it could be something to do with the style, and I waffled on this point for a bit, but didn’t manage to move on to consider other aspects of the question. Basically, I had no idea of how the interviews went, and was astonished to get an offer!

Purple cardigan and long beige skirt, stuff I felt comfy in, plus a cosy scarf – Cambridge is cold in December!


Modern, rather cold

Didn’t see any

Dr Basso was the Classics fellow who did my admissions interview. He looked disconcertingly like a taller version of Peter Jackson! He was very nice to me. The ASNC tutors were lovely too, although neither of them