1how can classical epics be compared to the bible 
2Six candidates, two places, why you?
3Is shopping the new religion?
4How valuable do you think the Bible is to us today? 
5Will Jesus return? When? Or has he already? 
6Do you think the Holy Spirit is a woman? 
7In the light of September 11th and the war on terror do you think that we should torture terrorists in order to gain information that could help save other people’s lives? 
8How valuable do you think the Bible is to us today? 
9How is the portrayal of Jesus in John’s Gospel different to his portrayal other Gospels? 
10Could there still be a second-coming if mankind had disappeared from the planet? 
11Is it morally wrong to attempt to climb a mountain? 
12What makes a strong woman? 
13Is the Angel of the Lord is the pre-incarnate Jesus? 
14How would you define faith? 
15Which of the arguments for the existence of God is the most convincing?
16Are you your body?
17How valuable do you think the Bible is to us today?
18Do the Gods command it because it is great, or is it great because the Gods command it?
19What is the best reason you can think of for believing in God? Do you think this course could be persuasive on the matter?
20There is a Christian priest who regularly visits India and converted to be a Hindu priest. When he is in England he still practices as a Christian priest. What problems might this pose?
21Is emotion an important part of religion?
22Do you think we should eradicate Christmas on the basis that it offends other religious groups?
23Is someone who risks their own life (and those of others) in extreme sports or endurance activities a hero or a fool?
24How would you go about proving the existence of god?
25How can you overcome contradictions in scripture?
26To what extent does scripture have to be interpreted?
27How do you see theology within the context of society?
28Discussion of Anselm’s views on salvation
29Analyse these three sections from the Gospels
30Do you think a focus on ‘religious studies’ is important in Theology? 
31What do you think of miracles
32Can you will yourself to live/die? 
33How do you prove the existence of god 
34What is faith? 
35Historical influences on the bible
36Ecclesiastical hierarchies
37Homosexuality in the church
38The equality in John’s community
39Whether people with faith had any advantage over those without when studying theology.
40The relationship between religion and morality
41Interpretations of a parable
42Why Abraham could be considered a good man
43Relationship between church and state
44Should there be women bishops?
45Suggest some different interpretations of the Feeding of the 5000.
46What is religion?
47What is evil?
48What is sin?
49How would you define salvation?
50The ‘quest for the historical Jesus’: how would I try to find out more about the man rather than the religious figure